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CheMondis GmbH

„The partnership-based cooperation and creativity in the sales approaches - despite COVID-19 - have led to absolutely desirable acquisition successes for us. This should be emphasized in this situation, and we are very grateful to the HOPP ACQU!TIES team.“

Alexander Kronenberg, Team Lead - Business Development Management

eBay GmbH

„HOPP ACQU!TIES’ swift familiarisation with the market and consistent, successful implementation of our strategic sales task convinced us…“

Dr. Stephan Zoll, Managing Director

Internetstores GmbH

„We ran the B2B acquisition of HOPP ACQU!TIES for months in direct comparison against an SEA campaign. The result was clear: Although SEA generated more unqualified contacts in the first moment, HOPP ACQU!TIES was ahead of the digital way of acquiring new customers in terms of contact quality to the decision makers.“

Alexander Fiess, Head of Leasing

Seven2one Informationssysteme GmbH

„We are thrilled with the dedication, professionalism and commitment of the people at HOPP ACQU!TIES. They make a valuable contribution to us in acquiring new customers. We can recommend HOPP ACQU!TIES without reservation.“

Carmen Bickle, Managing Director

BDO AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

„Absolute respectability, empathy and discretion are decisive factors in the approach of new clients for BDO AG. All this fulfills HOPP ACQU!TIES in the support of always complex project topics.“

Mark Zillmann, Director Sales


„The HOPP ACQU!TIES team represented us in the market with passion and professionalism. They also shared their wealth of experience in B2B new customer acquisition with our sales team. Thank you very much for the cooperation, which was valuable in every respect.“

Alex Wyllie, Managing Partner


„We are very pleased with the reputable and focused market approach. Due to the high success rate in the implementation of the acquisition by HOPP ACQU!TIES we renewed the contract without hesitation for one more year.“

Lars Austermann, Managing Direktor Energie & Telko


„Top sales professionals who have also integrated perfectly into our team - many thanks to HOPP ACQU!TIES!“

Lars Krosch, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer


„The wide contact network of HOPP ACQU!TIES on top level has surprised us. Especially because it has rapidly led to countable new business.“

Christian Seidl, Managing Director


„HOPP ACQU!TIES‘ acquisition and business development managers are skilled in the task of B2B-acquisiton and are able to penetrate the market quickly. They implement sales tasks assigned to them swiftly and successfully for us.“

Andreas Burmeister, CEO

brands4friends Germany

„The acquisition support we have received from HOPP ACQU!TIES in the fashion sector is for us a quantifiable added value.“

Sandro Gnädinger, Director Sales & Sourcing


„We appreciate the successful cooperation with HOPP ACQU!TIES, the strategic vision and their outstanding commitment. We are very pleased with the results.“

Dr. Jens Beermann, CEO & Founder


„HOPP ACQU!TIES were very successful in developing new business for our online core business. The new clients have not only earned us substantial revenue but also developed into long-term, sustainable customer relationships…“

Andreas Voswinckel, Managing Partner

Assystem GmbH

„HOPP ACQU!TIES supported us competently and effectively in assessing and realising complex sales tasks correctly…“

Ulrich O. Feik, Managing Director

Heinkel Group

„We were delighted with HOPP ACQU!TIES’ excellent contacts and swift success with business executives...“

Tom Heinkel

Delphi HR-Consulting GmbH

„HOPP ACQU!TIES’ extraordinarily good networking at the decision maker level has secured for us sustainable new business…“

Ralf V. Doebler, Managing Partner

Suncycle GmbH

„We rate HOPP ACQU!TIES highly as a very competent sales service provider and strategic thinker that is well networked and strong in acquisition…“

Dr. Mischa Paterna, Managing Director


Do you need swift and sustainable sales growth generated by new customers?

B2B Acquisition 

Make use of our experience in acquisition, our clout and impact, and our network.

Guarantee of Success 

We guarantee successful acquisition and shun no fresh challenges.


Make use of our experience at acquisition, our ability to assert ourselves, and our network for successful new customer acquisition at the B2B level. Our employees are passionate acquisition experts. They are at your side with cross-sector expertise, enthusiasm and uncompromising dedication in the complex task of acquiring new customers. We will achieve your strategic sales and growth targets and in the process establish new, long-term customer relationships for you.

We are outstanding ACQU!TEERS® and some of the best acquisition and sales experts in Germany.

of their time is spent by sales staff on looking after existing customers rather than on acquiring new ones.

of sales staff feel overtaxed by the task of acquiring new customers.

of sales decision makers are dissatisfied with their sales staff’s B2B customer acquisition performance.

One of the leading B2B new customer acquisition service providers

We are the experts in new customer acquisition at the B2B decision maker level. Quality, impetus and success characterise our approach. 

Our claim and motivation is to achieve successful acquisition for our customers at the highest quality level – and always with a view to boosting our customers’ enterprise value by means of new business.

We acquire new customers across Europe for your company at the decision maker level. We relieve the burden on your employees.

And free up time that you can invest in your existing customers.


How We Do It.

Acquisition that excels is characterised mainly by a well thought out, systematic and target-oriented approach.

On the basis of our many years of acquisition activity and experience in nearly all relevant industries and markets we have developed in our ACQT!ON formula an acquisition process that is unique in its approach and that we implement consistently and successfully for our clients.

Who We Do It With.

With our highly specialised ACQU!TEERS,  the best sales and acquisition managers in Germany. With a wide-ranging industry network of top-level decision makers. With extraordinary skills in cold acquisition at the decision maker level. With a fresh look for new ideas and a concentrated and efficient approach.

Who We Do It For.

Independently of the industry, market or sector we begin by rising to meet every conceivable sales challenge. Together with our clients we analyse swiftly and pragmatically the possibilities of whether and, if so, how we can successfully help them with their strategic acquisition and sales challenges. New customer acquisition at the B2B level is first and foremost, irrespective of a product or service that may need explaining, a strategic process for which we have developed, on the basis of our decades of experience, the ACQT!ON formula as an implementation solution – and a solution that we implement successfully for you in your target market. And that is what our clients appreciate about us and about the service we provide.



Our focus is always on customer benefit and our clients’ growth. Read what our clients say about us.

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The ACQT!ON Method

The one, who puts its B2B customer acquisition in the hands of professionals , benefits from the cooperation with HOPP ACQU!TIES by our proprietary ACQT!ON® formula - ! The success formula for targeted and successful acquisition of new business.

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In a dynamic environment the challenge consists of responding to the requirements of a growing market and at the same time remaining flexible and cost-effective.

Demand for new customer acquisition is not constant. It rises with, for example, new product launches, target group expansions or changes of strategy. The existing sales team will seldom have the capacity to meet this extra demand. Hiring new staff, however, takes a considerable amount of time and involves substantial costs, especially fixed costs that are hard to reduce when new customer requirements fall once more. Furthermore, employees are hard to find who specialise in new customer acquisition at the top decision making level and have achieved above-average success in doing so.

Thats where our highly specialised acquisition team supports you – swiftly, efficiently, successfully and flexibly.

Low Fixed Costs: Our fees are mainly performance-based, so you do not need to hire new staff. That also eliminates recruitment expenses, benefits, administrative costs, etc.

Fast and Flexible Management of Acquisition and Sales Capacities: We adjust your acquisition support requirement to changing corporate or market situations flexibly and at short notice.

Comprehensive Cross-Sector Qualifications: Our ACQU!TEERS have recourse to many years of acquisition and sales experience, extensive training and large networks. We are thereby able to place products and services in the market even faster and in addition to contribute toward saving direct costs. 

Our increasing specialisation in specific markets, technologies and products increases at the same time the opportunities for cross-selling of product lines.