brands4friends Germany

“The acquisition support we have received from HOPP ACQU!TIES in the fashion sector is for us a quantifiable added value.” 

Sandro Gnädinger, Director Sales & Sourcing, brands4friends Germany

New customer acquisition at the B2B decision maker level.





One of the leading B2B new customer acquisition service providers

We are the experts in new customer acquisition at the B2B decision maker level. Quality, impetus and success characterise our approach. 

Our claim and motivation is to achieve successful acquisition for our customers at the highest quality level – and always with a view to boosting our customers’ enterprise value by means of new business.

We acquire new customers across Europe for your company at the decision maker level. We relieve the burden on your employees.

And free up time that you can invest in your existing customers.

Our Promise of Success

Acquisition and Sales Experts

Our employees are among the best acquisition and sales managers in Germany and operate at the highest decision maker level.

100% New Customer Acquisition

We focus at high speed and with impetus on the operative implementation of your B2B new customer acquisition. From the initial contact to the signing of contracts.

Immediate Effect on Profits and the Balance Sheet

The service we provide is always transparent, measurable, and has an immediate, positive effect on your sales figures. We are happy to be judged by our success.

Full Flexibility, Cost Optimisation, and Risk Transfer

We adapt our acquisition services to your needs. Swiftly, flexibly, and scalable internationally.

No Own Head Accounts

Immediate availability of expertise for your new customer growth at the B2B level. No expensive and protracted recruitment process.

Knowledge Transfer

We are partners of and service providers to your sales division and establish our acquisition and sales competence in your company too.

New customer acquisition is the supreme sales discipline

Yet many sales staff steer clear of approaching potential new customers and prefer to concentrate on the “simple” task of looking after existing customers. 

As a consequence, new customer acquisition is not pursued to the extent that is necessary for entrepreneurial success.

We specialise in mapping and forcefully implementing complex acquisition tasks and processes. Thanks to the extensive industry knowledge of our ACQU!TEERS, our acquisition and sales experts, we can adapt swift and flexibly to different challenges, products and services. 

Our many years of experience have enabled us to compress the complex phases of the new acquisition process that are the key to success into the target-oriented format of our very own ACQT!ON formula