CheMondis GmbH

„The partnership-based cooperation and creativity in the sales approaches - despite COVID-19 - have led to absolutely desirable acquisition successes for us. This should be emphasized in this situation, and we are very grateful to the HOPP ACQU!TIES team.“

Alexander Kronenberg, Team Lead - Business Development Management

eBay GmbH

„HOPP ACQU!TIES’ swift familiarisation with the market and consistent, successful implementation of our strategic sales task convinced us…“

Dr. Stephan Zoll, Managing Director

Internetstores GmbH

„We ran the B2B acquisition of HOPP ACQU!TIES for months in direct comparison against an SEA campaign. The result was clear: Although SEA generated more unqualified contacts in the first moment, HOPP ACQU!TIES was ahead of the digital way of acquiring new customers in terms of contact quality to the decision makers.“

Alexander Fiess, Head of Leasing

Seven2one Informationssysteme GmbH

„We are thrilled with the dedication, professionalism and commitment of the people at HOPP ACQU!TIES. They make a valuable contribution to us in acquiring new customers. We can recommend HOPP ACQU!TIES without reservation.“

Carmen Bickle, Managing Director

BDO AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

„Absolute respectability, empathy and discretion are decisive factors in the approach of new clients for BDO AG. All this fulfills HOPP ACQU!TIES in the support of always complex project topics.“

Mark Zillmann, Director Sales


„The HOPP ACQU!TIES team represented us in the market with passion and professionalism. They also shared their wealth of experience in B2B new customer acquisition with our sales team. Thank you very much for the cooperation, which was valuable in every respect.“

Alex Wyllie, Managing Partner


„We are very pleased with the reputable and focused market approach. Due to the high success rate in the implementation of the acquisition by HOPP ACQU!TIES we renewed the contract without hesitation for one more year.“

Lars Austermann, Managing Direktor Energie & Telko


„Top sales professionals who have also integrated perfectly into our team - many thanks to HOPP ACQU!TIES!“

Lars Krosch, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer


„The wide contact network of HOPP ACQU!TIES on top level has surprised us. Especially because it has rapidly led to countable new business.“

Christian Seidl, Managing Director


„HOPP ACQU!TIES‘ acquisition and business development managers are skilled in the task of B2B-acquisiton and are able to penetrate the market quickly. They implement sales tasks assigned to them swiftly and successfully for us.“

Andreas Burmeister, CEO

brands4friends Germany

„The acquisition support we have received from HOPP ACQU!TIES in the fashion sector is for us a quantifiable added value.“

Sandro Gnädinger, Director Sales & Sourcing


„We appreciate the successful cooperation with HOPP ACQU!TIES, the strategic vision and their outstanding commitment. We are very pleased with the results.“

Dr. Jens Beermann, CEO & Founder


„HOPP ACQU!TIES were very successful in developing new business for our online core business. The new clients have not only earned us substantial revenue but also developed into long-term, sustainable customer relationships…“

Andreas Voswinckel, Managing Partner

Assystem GmbH

„HOPP ACQU!TIES supported us competently and effectively in assessing and realising complex sales tasks correctly…“

Ulrich O. Feik, Managing Director

Heinkel Group

„We were delighted with HOPP ACQU!TIES’ excellent contacts and swift success with business executives...“

Tom Heinkel

Delphi HR-Consulting GmbH

„HOPP ACQU!TIES’ extraordinarily good networking at the decision maker level has secured for us sustainable new business…“

Ralf V. Doebler, Managing Partner

Suncycle GmbH

„We rate HOPP ACQU!TIES highly as a very competent sales service provider and strategic thinker that is well networked and strong in acquisition…“

Dr. Mischa Paterna, Managing Director

HOPP ACQU!TIES GmbH & Co. KG is responsible for B2B new customer acquisition at BITGRIP GmbH, Berlin.

July 2020

HOPP ACQU!TIES GmbH & Co. KG supports BITGRIP GmbH ( in B2B new customer acquisition.

In addition to the business areas of product development and IT consulting, the core products include system integration (scalable headless architectures for high-performance IT landscapes), process optimization (using process mining to find and optimize inefficient processes and automating them with RPA) and customer experience (research and needs analysis for customer-centric UX design), as well as the business area of application operation among BITGRIP GmbH's top services. The innovative IT service company, based in the heart of Berlin, is also one of CoreMedia GmbH's certified development and implementation partners. BITGRIP GmbH develops outstanding digital solutions for renowned companies.

HOPP ACQU!TIES has been commissioned to take over B2B new customer acquisition in order to present and sell BITGRIP's innovative digital solutions to potential new customers.

We are looking forward to a successful cooperation.